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Those of you have have installed Solaris 11 or have read some of the blogs by my colleagues will have noticed Solaris 11 includes OpenSSL 1.0.0, this is a different version to what we have in Solaris 10. I hope the following explains why that is and how it fits with the expectations on binary.

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How To Find Solaris Version

Solaris 10 server. I need to determine if the server is Solaris 10 Update 9 or greater. Can someone interpret the version strings below? What part of those strings identifies the update that has, or has not, been applied to the server?

Dec 09, 2004  Re: Solaris 10 Express versions 807559 Dec 7, 2004 10:15 PM ( in response to 807559 ) Hoi, did you know that there is a Solaris 10 forum! Solaris 8 Solaris is the UNIX-based operating system of Sun Microsystems with roots in the BSD operating system family. Up to the version 3.x this operating system was called SunOS, this name was kept into the internal release information of current Solaris versions.

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s10s_u10wos_17b the u<#> is the update version. So that is Solaris 10 Update 10.


Solaris 10 Release Table

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The line in /etc/release shows it was built in august 2011 and contains s10s_u10wos_17b which reads:Solaris 10 for SPARC (would be s10x for x86), update 10, 'wad of stuff' (just means it's not the initial release), 17th build since u10 development started, second respin (b).

Note that this doesn't reflect an update that has been applied or not to the server but the precise version of Solaris that was initially installed on that machine.

Kernel updates can be identified with the kernel patch version, here (147440-01) which is the one delivered with u10. That means it wasn't updated (patched).

Should you have patched the OS, an additional line would have appeared at the end of the file telling what Solaris update the update match.


Generic_147440-01 shows the level of the kernel being used. It IS possible to be running an up-to-date kernel w/o having to do an install of the released update by updating keeping current on all the patches.

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uname -a shows the Kernel PatchID and the table in this link will show which Solaris 10 update version it us..



Decoding the update string (e.g. s10s_u10wos_17b) is fine for newer update releases, but older and non-update products don't have something in this format in the /etc/release.

The Solaris version with month/year (e.g. Solaris 10 8/11) is frequently used in documentation and for customer support purposes. You can look up this value in a releases list (e.g. to find what update number it corresponds to (or to find out what other kind of product release it is if it's not an update).


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now that solaris 10 has gone open source, sun has made the operating system available as a free download. the company only requires you to register all the machines you install the operating system on to receive an entitlement document. sun java desktop system release 3 is a part of solaris 10, as well as its developer and management tools.

sun is offering a sparc version as well as an x64/x86 version of solaris 10 on its website. the company has also given users a choice to either download the cd version of the software, which will fit on several cds, or a dvd version, which will fit on a single dvd.

read more from sun's get solaris 10 website.

The magic 8 ball game. brian's opinion
first, who can ever argue when something is free? i really like the fact that sun made a dvd version available as well. with the wide availability of dvd drives it's much easier to put the operating system on a single dvd than having to burn and carry around multiple cds to install the operating system. of course, you do need access to a dvd burner.

sun is making a great move by making solaris 10 open source. the money is in the support, which is why companies that distribute linux make money. it's no surprise that below the download options for solaris 10 there is a solaris service plans link. a basic service plan starts at us$120 and is what you need if you want solaris 10 updates. that's not a bad deal when you figure that's for up to 8 physical processors. best of all, multi-core processors are still counted as a single processor.

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yay!(9:20am est wed feb 02 2005)
open source is the future…. by cd
too late(9:22am est wed feb 02 2005)
everyone is there already. i wish i had downloaded it last night.

by rax

hw support(9:40am est wed feb 02 2005)
is there a link for what hardware it supports?

does it support nvidia 6800 gts?
what dvd burners are supported etc…

does not make sense to download if it wont run. by link please

What is solaris 10 operating system
hw support?(9:48am est wed feb 02 2005)
who needs hardware support, you have the magic source code. with enough time and effort, you *may* be able to get it to work. it's not like it's actually costing you anything. by jqp
link please?(9:54am est wed feb 02 2005)
are you kidding? if you can't find that hardware compatibility lists what are you doing messing around with the os?

have you tried looking for it? Webroot internet security plus.

by cd

it will cost me my precious time(9:55am est wed feb 02 2005)
you twit by grown up
sun/solaris(9:56am est wed feb 02 2005)
these are still the fastest most reliable and most secure computers i have ever had. rock-solid. by thank you!
sun has it right…(10:00am est wed feb 02 2005)
this is the way to do “open source”.

one large overseer maintains the product, keeps it running properly, while anyone and everyone is free to change it, and perhaps submit changes to sun, who we trust will properly review the submitted code and ensure that the os is still secure.

if it runs maya, and 3ds max i might consider putting on a comp at some point. by neat stuff

a lot of free power(10:30am est wed feb 02 2005)
no one should underestimate the power of the solaris oe either…. and that makes it even more amazing that they are offering it for free download.

solaris has capabilities that most other os's can only dream of.
by the scavenger

re: sun has it right(12:04pm est wed feb 02 2005)
it's too early to tell. whether they have it “right” or not will depend to a large extent on the contributions made by others. if noone contributes, all they've succeeded in doing is exposing any features that made solaris unique and might have given it a marketplace advantage. in any case, look for these things to start showing up in linux real soon.

side note to “grown up”: i guess the sarcasm didn't come through? by jqp

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oh man i'm jealous(12:08pm est wed feb 02 2005)
if i get my approval for a new sun blade server i'm gonna have to try this. i need it to run solaris 9 but, but, but… oh man i must try 10.

that's it, i'll just have to get the x86 version for now and save the negotiating for later. by spook

ha(12:16pm est wed feb 02 2005)
hehehehe still trying to install
solaris 8. shit, have 56k modem. gonna order the thing. by bla
ho-hum(12:25pm est wed feb 02 2005)
i'm a big os geek, like most readers here probably are.

i've installed countless linux distributions… every flavor of windows and beos… my osx box is just kick ass.

but i find it very hard to get excited about solaris… maybe it's just because of their ever-annoying scott mcnealy, or maybe it's due to all the fud they've spread over the years, but i really doubt that this will ever be downloaded by myself, let alone installed.

i'm sure that this is going to sound like any other mac user raving uncontrollably, but since i've gotten my (dual 2ghz) osx box, i find myself spending less and less time checking out the latest linux developments, let alone the latest windows updates (even though i still have to work on windows a lot, it's via remote desktop on osx). osx truly is what i've been looking for all along, i feel.

someone else put it best: “osx allows me to tinker when i want to tinker. but when i need to get work done, it just works, with no tinkering required.”

it wasn't until i really started spending a lot of time in osx that i realized just how much of my time had been spent tinkering with linux and windows, just to get them to work the way i wanted them to. osx just does it.

ok… now all the kids who can't afford macs can start with their mac bashing (overpriced, underpowered, blah blah blah). by a mac convert

What Is Solaris 10

re: a mac convert(12:41pm est wed feb 02 2005)
no, we won't say a word about the macs…

but, do you feel like doing “artsy” stuff?

buying new draperies?

or maybe, kissing a man now?

just wondering….

by woz raskin

how rude convert(12:47pm est wed feb 02 2005)
“ok… now all the kids who can't afford macs can start with their mac bashing (overpriced, underpowered, blah blah blah)”

the nerve, going to a solaris article and posting about frickin mac osx, then ending your post with a pre-emptive personal attack against the poeple who prefer another os… like say solaris. rude, unseemly and distasteful. well done. by cynical bastard

Sun Solaris Version History

mac convert(1:40pm est wed feb 02 2005)
what windows tinkering can you possibly need to get work done? don't be a flame baiter….or a pillow biter either. by poopchute
a mac convert(1:51pm est wed feb 02 2005)
i pity you.

solaris 10 has a lot of great features that the mac os may never have. zfs is a feature that is cool enough for me to want to load it. now all the file management can be done from the os and if it works the way they say it will, i can stop paying thousands to veritas.

here is what my sun rep sent me:

“solaris 10 is now officially a production release. download it today
and see how solaris can make a difference for you. if you need a fast,
reliable, and secure os to run your datacenter, your web farm, and
your business critical systems — then solaris 10 is for you. if you
are looking to lower your overall cost of ownership, minimize security
risk, and get more from the hardware assets you have — then try
solaris 10 today.

all you have to do is download solaris 10 – the cost is free.

by rax

Solaris 10 Packages

yea!!!!(1:54pm est wed feb 02 2005)
i am download disk iso 1 of 4. by rax
bittorrent(2:39pm est wed feb 02 2005)
has anyone posted this on bittorrent yet?
why doesn't sun distribute this way?

it will take forever to get it from their one west coast server. by mrreload

rax(4:43pm est wed feb 02 2005)
what requirements are you going to use?
i've been looking at the hcl.
$220 seem like a lot of money for it's own test server.

have you looked at using vpc? i'm thinking of a w2k server we run a test w2k3 server in vpc. by tech

looks like a nice os(4:36am est thu feb 03 2005)

this is a couple of screenshots of solaris 10 and the java desktop. looks simple and nice. wonder how well it runs. by caliber fx

heh(10:09am est thu feb 03 2005)
i first got there and saw the grey screen with prompt and was like, yep, thats pretty damn simple…

seriously though, the os is nice looking, wonder if that java desktop is really worth a damn though. by wondering about java

cool(11:02pm est fri feb 04 2005)
i got this triple booting on my laptop with windows and linux and it runs pretty nice. i like the java desktop. just waiting for my ultra 60 from and i can have my sparc solaris box. i hope the full version is out soon so i can test out the native linux app support on my x86. by techy78
i want solaries 10(1:39am est sun feb 06 2005)
very argent needed by
zfs(4:31am est wed feb 09 2005)
anyone found it on solaris 10? by predrag
jds and sol10(6:52am est sat feb 19 2005)
the java desktop system is nothing special, just suse desktop system rehashed, better off with suse9.2 imho for enterprise desktop. but at least sun are trying to get a desktop os with the linux tag out there. havnt tried solaris 10 yet, am getting my ultra60 in a couple of days but man it looks usefull. project janus on x86 platforms looks very handy indeed. just need to see if it will keep me from installing freebsd on my sun4u :) by toms
sol 10 is greaaaat!!!(5:52am est sat mar 12 2005)
solaris 10 is damn great…
that's all what i can say!!! by mina
damm !!!(6:05am est fri mar 18 2005)
i downloaded all the 4 iso's and they worked fine except the third .
i downloaded the third iso twice using dap 7.2 but when i try to open it the winzip say it is damaged .
i'm trying now to download it using sun download manager …

is there any one managed to download it ? by mon

open source and cheap sun hardware(11:42am est wed may 04 2005)
with solaris now open source, everyone can really experience the beauty of a mature unix system. combine that with cheap sun hardware in the secondary market, and anyone can set up a killer machine. i buy most of my equipement from xerxes. check them out at by noodleboy
cc(9:10pm est thu apr 13 2006)

by cc

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