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We have Sample Resumes that can help you out with your resume-writing dilemma. These templates will be your guide to writing a resume that is eye-catching and will surely impress the employer. Landing that dream job will prove to be easier than it seems and will not be as daunting as you may think it is. . Secondary bookmarks in a PDF file. Overview This sample consists of a simple form containing four distinct fields. The data file contains eight separate records. By default, the data file will produce a PDF file containing eight separate pages. The selective use of the bookmark file will produce the same PDF with a separate pane containing. Pdf995 makes it easy and affordable to create professional-quality documents in the popular PDF file format. Its easy-to-use interface Its easy-to-use interface helps you to create PDF files by simply selecting the 'print' command from any application, creating documents which can be viewed. Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used to present and exchange documents reliably, independent of software, hardware, or operating system. Invented by Adobe. Because this file format doesn’t rely on the software nor hardware, it is often use to present product graphics, ebooks, flyers, job applications, scanned documents, brochures. Volumes can be outputted with the specified file name. The book mark of PDF in multi separate volume can be set by the axf:bookmark-include from the following options. ・Adds a bookmark to the first separate volume only. ・Adds bookmarks to all the separate volumes. Sample of Multiple PDF output 3 |.

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Writing resumes can be very tedious and time-consuming. You have to think about what you should write and what layout you should use. Every little detail of your resume matters in order to impress the company you are applying for. Using resume templates will ease the stress of writing an exemplary resume.


We have Sample Resumes that can help you out with your resume-writing dilemma. These templates will be your guide to writing a resume that is eye-catching and will surely impress the employer. Landing that dream job will prove to be easier than it seems and will not be as daunting as you may think it is.

Civil Engineer Resume Sample

Assistant Accountant Resume Sample in PDF

Cover Letter for Resume Format

Chronological Resume Sample

Sample Teacher Resume

Types of Resume Formats

There are four major types of resume. Each one has a different purpose depending on the job you are applying for.

  • Chronological Resume Format
    These format is the most common format used for resumes. A chronological resume format lists down an applicant’s work history in reverse chronological order. This means that you start with the most recent one to the very first job you have had. Preferably, applicants with a strong work history use this type of resume format.
  • Functional Resume Format
    A functional resume format focuses on an applicant’s skills and qualifications instead of his or her work experience. Applicants who use this are those who are applying for an entry-level position or if you are transitioning to a new career.
  • Combination Resume Format
    This resume format showcases both skills and work experience.
  • Targeted Resume
    This type of resume format is specific. This is customized according to the job that you are applying for.

If you are applying for an internship, you may take a look at our Resumes For Internship.

If you are looking into building a career in the customer service industry, we have Resumes For Customer Service that can be your guide to building your resume.

Sales Executive Resume

Sample Student Resume

Functional Resume Sample in PDF

Sample College Resume

Sample Engineer Resume

Marketing Executive Resume Example

Software Engineer Resume

Using Resume Samples

Whether you are writing a resume for the first time or experience when it comes to resume building, using templates can always help out if you want a fresh and professional-looking resume. Using templates can also ensure that the format is correct. Creating an effective resume will help the employer see that you are the candidate they are looking for. The resume samples featured in this article are dedicated to specific job positions such as

  • civil engineer,
  • assistant accountant,
  • teacher,
  • sales executive,
  • student,
  • engineer,
  • marketing executive, and
  • software engineer.

With a wide array of choices, you are sure to find one that would fit you and the position you are applying for. All you need to do is to choose one that would suit your preference. These documents are easy to download. These will be your guide and you will surely save time in writing your own resume. Since these templates are designed to contain complete details for a specific job being applied for, all that needs to be done is tailor fit what you chose according to your own set of skills and qualifications.

You may look into more resume samples by checking out Sample Resumes In Word.

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Proposals are the documents that lay out the framework of a solution to a specific problem, be it a business problem, an organizational problem, or an academic problem. The extreme relevance of formal proposals in the corporate and professional setting cannot be contested. The mere fact that companies are able to grow by improving their strategies used as depicted on a well-researched and comprehensive business proposal is sufficient proof of how important proposals are.


That is why, if you are in the process of structuring a proposal of any kind, you must be able to properly format it. On this page, you can find easily downloadable templates of business proposals, marketing proposals, design proposals, and much more. Simply scroll down below and download our templates now!

Marketing Proposals

Product Marketing Sample Proposal

Digital Marketing Proposal

Proposal for Real Estate Marketing

Research Proposals

Admission Research Proposal

Business Research Sample Proposal

Student Research Proposal

Proposal for Undergraduate Research

What Is a Business Proposal?

A business proposal is a document that is prepared with the intention of offering a proposal to a business. The heart of a business proposal is solely driven to suggest improvements on any area of a business. Due to the various components that can play a role in the success of a business, a business proposal can be created to target any of these components as well. Hence there are different kinds of business proposals. The following are the reasons for creating business proposals:

  • To offer a business partnership
  • To offer a business collaboration with another business on a specific and mutually beneficial business project
  • To offer a project plan that is aimed at improving the marketing strategies in a company
  • To propose a plan to cure a business problem or issue such as but not limited to the following:
    • the management of employees (in which case, the salary proposal templates are useful)
    • the management of finances and annual financial budgeting
    • the adjustment of prices for goods and services offered in order for these to remain competitive

How to Write a Business Proposal

Below is an outline of rules you can follow in writing a business proposal:

  • Write an executive summary of the specific problem in the business that needs improvement.
  • List down the clear and concise goals and objectives of your business proposal.
  • Specify the actions that must be performed in order to carry out such goals.
  • Refer to templates that can show you the proper way of formatting the type of proposal you are making. In order to create a business proposal that suits its purpose, check out our collections of proposal sample doc, estimate proposal templates, and sample project proposal templates.

Business Proposals

Free Pdf File Download

Simple Business Proposal

Proposal for Small Business

Project Proposals

Environmental Project Proposal

Proposal for Thesis Project

Research Project Proposal

Sample Senior Project Proposal

HR Proposals

Sample HR Project Proposal

HR Training Proposal

Proposal for HR Consulting

Proposal for HR Development

Sample Pdf File 100kb

What Are the Basic Rules and Format for Writing a Proposal?

Writing a proposal can be a time-consuming task. Additionally, you are never assured of the effectivity of the proposal you made unless you make sure that it contains the specific format and content that are congruent to its purpose. Below is an outline of time-tested rules on how to write and format a proposal:

  • Examine the problem that your proposal is aiming to answer.
  • Define specific goals and objectives that can help guide
  • Formulate a detailed action plan that can realize the goals and objectives you have set out in your proposal. This section may vary depending on the type of proposal being made. The action plan must be congruent to the purpose of the proposal.
  • Provide a realistic time frame for the implementation of the proposal. This is a crucial aspect of your proposal and a lot of thought must be given in your estimations regarding the time needed to implement your action plan.
  • Calculate the budget necessary for the implementation of such proposal.
  • Determine the individuals and organizations who must be involved in implementing the proposal.
  • When applicable, you must also state the legalities that must be covered upon the implementation of the proposal. For instance, if you are making a proposal for a business partnership, then you must dedicate a section in your proposal that explains what legal processes and registrations are required by law for newly formed business partnerships.
  • To ensure the effectivity and quality of your proposal, refer to proposal samples and proposal templates that can provide you with information on how to write it.

Consultant Proposals

Restaurant Consultant Proposal

Marketing Consultant Sample Proposal

Test Pdf Document

Consultant Proposal for Fundraising

Job Proposals

Cleaning Job Proposal

Consulting Job Sample Proposal

Proposal for New Job

Free Job Sample Proposal

Partnership Proposals

Business Partnership Proposal

Proposal for Strategic Partnership

Media Partnership Proposal

Financial Proposals

Business Financial Proposal

Proposal for Project Financial

Free Financial Proposal

Proposal for Consultancy Financial

Event Proposals

Special Event Sample Proposal

Proposal for Fundraising Event

Charity Event Proposal

What Are the Benefits of Proposals?

Sample Pdf File

Whatever type of proposal you may be making, whether it’s business proposals or contractor proposals, a well-researched and carefully prepared proposal is bound to produce positive results on the individuals and organizations implementing it. Here are some of the most notable benefits of proposals:

  • It strengthens professional relationships.
  • It enables organizations to cure problem areas of their business.
  • It can aid individuals in making accurate estimates as to the budget necessary for a specific project.
  • It allows organizations, especially non-profit ones, to actively seek out financial aid from socially aware and altruistic funders.
  • It provides the key movers of a certain project to identify the specific sub-issues of a problem and in turn, allows them to adjust the action plan that they have initially made as new data, trends, and developments arise.

To obtain a deeper understanding regarding the importance of proposals, check out our website’s collection of templates. These templates can provide you with the proper proposal format and content.

Sample pdf file table

Catering Proposals

Wedding Catering Proposal

Event Catering Sample Proposal

Proposal for Restaurant Catering

Sponsorship Proposal

Event Sponsorship Proposal

Proposal for Corporate Sponsorship

Sports Sponsorship Sample Proposal

Technical Proposals

Sample Pdf Files For Testing

Consultancy Technical Proposal

Proposal for Construction Technical

Bid Proposals

Formal Bid Proposal

Proposal for Construction Bid

Contractor Bid Proposal

Free Bid Sample Proposal

Product Proposals

Food Product Sample Proposal

Retail Product Proposal

Free Proposal for Product

Additional Tips for Writing a Proposal

Are you now ready to sit down and draft a proposal? Here are some additional tips to help you glide smoothly through the proposal-writing process:

  • Properly format your proposal in such a way that it suits its purpose.
  • The contents of your proposal must be arranged in such a way that is congruent to the type of response it aims to gain from the reader of the proposal. To learn more on how to write this section, you may check out our website’s collections of varied templates. We have prepared proposal templates such as property management proposal, art proposal templates, and much more.
  • Always conduct an extensive research before you write your proposal. This step is necessry so that you may identify the key issues your proposal must provide a solution for.

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