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Castle Games Build Your Kingdom

Build A Kingdom. Play build a kingdom a side scrolling based strategy game and pay peasants gold coins so that they can work for you and construct your castle in the swamps. Press arrow keys to move the king and down key to drop money at key locations to hire farm workers or archers, build walls or upgrade your defences. Castle Tower Defense Games is dedicated to bringing the best titles where you build castles and towers to defend your kingdom against the enemy. Feb 10, 2017  Beside the hack and slash type of gameplay, medieval games can also offer endless hours of strategizing, commanding huge armies and finally conquering rival territories. For the gamers that love. Play Castle Games on Crush the Castles or be the lord of it and protect it with your knights at all costs. Your home is your Castle right? Play in the best collection of Castle Games online. Rule your own kingdom and build a mighty castle. Protect your citizens, join a mighty alliance, and arm yourself for attacks against countless rival players. Build fortresses that last forever and unite with other players in powerful alliances.

What’s more gallant than a knight on a horse riding up to the walls of a castle to save a princess? Not much! That’s why we have a variety of castle games – from castle-building games to castle-defense games – to choose from so you can join in on the adventure. If you're not into our defense games, go on the offense and charge full speed ahead to save your kingdom! Looking to decorate your beautiful building instead? We have decoration and princess makeover games too.

Ready to start your quest? Then travel to Transylvania. After all, you can’t think of the place without conjuring images of dark castles on mountaintops – filled with vampires, of course! In Transylvania 2, you’re the cute, little vampire whose bear has been stolen! The culprit is asking for a biting, so start your mission. And after midnight, help the princess and her castle become more beautiful in Transylvanian Princess Dress Up and decoration game. Still not tired of lurking around a vampire-filled castle after midnight? Try Haunted House. You are trapped inside and must find your way out by collecting missing items.

How about improving your strategy skills on your adventures? We have the tower-defense games for you! In Castle Defender you’re in charge of defending King Arthur's castle against intruders. And if you’re looking to get your mystical powers involved, Wizard Defense gives you a few good spells to help defeat the monstrous horde outside the walls. But there’s no need to sit behind your castle walls and wait for attackers! Go on the defense with Ice Castle Blaster. After all, when you build your castle out of ice, you're just asking for trouble.

What are you waiting for? Strap on your armor, mount your horse, and ride over to adventure! We have a variety of games to keep you entertained behind your castle walls!

Crush The Castle Game is a medieval physics-based game for teens. The King has ordered you to crush all the castles of the region in order for his kingdom to survive. Bombard and crush castle after castle and all the inhabitants (unfortunately, such were the times) with the most powerful Trebuchet and ammunition. Start playing with an already built castle or build a new castle on your own. Your number of shots remaining are shown at the top of the game screen.

Your level (or the number of the castle you are attacking), inhabitants eliminated and your armor are shown at the bottom of the game screen. New ammunition is introduced on further levels. To choose which weapon to use, simply click on an item in the table at the bottom of the game screen. After the last stone is thrown, a timer appears. Therefore, do not spend too much time looking for the best direction. Good luck Siege Master!

How to Play: To build a castle, choose ‘Build Your Own’, select a building material, and then left click to place it. Hold SHIFT + Click to delete the objects. After you have built your castle, click on the green ‘Test Castle’ button to test if it is firm enough. If not, you will have to rebuild it. If you choose to start playing with an already-built castle, simply click on ‘New Game’. Click anywhere to launch the trebuchet. Click again to release the projectile. After the shot, click anywhere to reload your trebuchet. After you complete a level, choose a castle on the map to attack next. A red arrow indicates which castle you should choose next.

Castle Games Build Your Kingdom Online

Controls: Mouse/Spacebar to fire, release, and reload; R to reset; Arrow Keys to view the castle; M to mute the sound.

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